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The company was founded on August 24, 1990 with a notary deed by Mrs. Ida Rosida Suryana, SH. Commercially operating since April 1991 and has changed in the Company's Articles of Association, namely in the intent and objectives and business activities, with Notary Deed No. 04 dated August 27, 2008 was made before Rochmat Fattah SH Notary.

PT KIKC has succeeded in building a green and environmentally friendly industrial area with an area of 110 hectares equipped with infrastructure and other supporting facilities as well as well-planned area arrangements. KIKC is inhabited by both local and foreign companies of various chemical industries.

The quality of infrastructure that is collaborated with the best supporting facilities and wide open green areas and planned area arrangements is the goal of KIKC. To support Kujang industrial area, we are affiliated with PT Kujang Tirta Sarana which is engaged in water management.



To be a competitive and environmentally friendly investment place.


  • Participate and contribute to the development of industrial and economic areas in Karawang Regency and its surroundings by preparing land and infrastructure and supporting other facilities for industries that invest with respect to the environment and security at competitive prices.

  • Implement reforms in the scope of work culture, strategy and business management to realize professionalism based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance in company management.

  • Improve the company's role in environmental awareness and security.