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President Director
Jerry Yosefh Rochmaya

Born in Bandung on January 12, 1975. Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Accounting (2004) at Padjajaran University and at the same university earned a Masters in Accounting (2016)

Before being appointed as President Director of PT KIKC, he served as Finance Director of PT Peroxide Indonesia Pratama (2019-2020). The man who became the Board of Trustees of the Kujang Archery Club (PT Pupuk Kujang's Archery Club), started his career at PT Pupuk Kujang in 2006 until he served as Manager of Financial Supervision of PT Pupuk Kujang (2010-2013).

He also served as Secretary of the Board of Commissioners of PT Hurip Utama (2010-2013) and Finance Manager of Pupuk Kujang Golf Course (2012-2016).

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Director of Finance
Handi Rustian

Born in Bandung on March 23, 1979. obtained a Bachelor of Accounting (2004) at Padjajaran University of Bandung and completed the Master of Management (2019) at PPM School Management.

The man who is still active in cycling started his career in 2007 at PT Pupuk Kujang. Had served as a Marketing & Sales Manager (2015-2016). Before being appointed as Finance Director of PT KIKC He was a Manager of Corporate Governance & Risk Management (2016-2020).

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Director of Operations
Rubby Sidik Agustino

The man born in Serang on August 1, 1974 began his career at PT Pupuk Kujang in 2005 to serve as the Company's Law & Administration Manager (2015-2020). In 2020 he was assigned to be the operational director of PT KIKC.

He obtained a Bachelor of Law (1999) at the University of Padjajaran Bandung, Bachelor of Engineering degree (1998) majoring in Geodesi at the Bandung Institute of Technology, and Master of Business Laws (2017) at The University of Padjajaran Bandung. Until now he is still active in the Indonesian Advocates Association Organization (PERADI) and Indonesian Advocates Association (IKADIN).