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PT Graha Bumi Hijau

Clients PT Graha Bumi Hijau
The factory is located in II Block II industrial area - AI, Kujang Industrial Estate Cikampek, West Java, about 50 km east of Jakarta. In addition to supplying facial tissue (facial tissue, toilet rolls) for GKU itself, can still play in the international market, at least for the Asian region. This factory has been operating since September 2005, with a production capacity of 150 tons / day or 51,750 tons per year.

Dishes of various shapes, packaging, for a variety of purposes and disposable discarded it, it turns out the manufacturing process is not simple. Starting from pulp making consisting of fine and coarse fibers, chemical mixing, drying, to a thin sheet of 3.65 meters wide, then inserted into a roller machine, rolled up to 2.5 meters in diameter. The existing engine has a maximum operating speed of 1800 meters per minute, producing tissues weighing between 13-15 grams for toilet rolls, facial tissue, and kitchen towel.