Clients PT Sintas Kurama PerdanaClients PT Sintas Kurama Perdana

PT Sintas Kurama Perdana

Clients PT Sintas Kurama Perdana
The objective of the establishment of Formic Acid factory was for the utilizing the existing CO2 in the Ammonia and Utilities gas processing factories which is still idle in PT Pupuk Kujang. Formic Acid is used as a coagulant in rubber industry, auxiliary materials in the textile and leather tanning industries.

The company was established on 28 January 1986 with Notary Soeleman Ardjasasmita, SH. The Formic Acid factory started commercial operations with a capacity of 11,000 MT per year since October 1988. The factory is managed by PT Sintas Kurama Perdana. The production is marketed mostly domestically while the rest is exported.