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PT Kujang Tirta Sarana

Clients PT Kujang Tirta Sarana
In 2010, PT KIKC, PT Lautan Jasaindo, and PT Hariff Techno Innovation established PT KTS to handle clean water management. This Agreement has been ratified in the Notarial Act of Hindum Muchsin, SH. No 6 dated on 15 October 2010. PT KIKC’s securities placement is 20%, PT Lautan Jasaindo is 40%, and PT Hariff Techno Innovation is 40% of paid up capital amounting to Rp1,250,000,000.

In April 2010, the General Meeting of Shareholders approved the resignation of PT Hariff Techno Innovation as a shareholder and was replaced by PT Adiawangsa Ariatama. The amendment of the shareholders has been ratified by Notarial Act of Muhammad Rochmat Fattah, SH. No. 4 dated on 15 June 2010. PT KTS started operations in July 2011.