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Infrastructure Integrated WWTP ipal
Infrastructure Integrated WWTP ipal
The construction of PT KIKC's Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL), In addition to improving services to the surrounding tenants as well as an effort to comply with Government Regulation Number 142 of 2015 concerning Industrial Estates, Article 11 Paragraph (1) Industrial Estate Companies are required to provide basic infrastructure in Industrial Estates, at least include (among others): WASTE WATER TREATMENT INSTALLATION. PT KIKC strives to provide the best to all partners related to an integrated WWTP, among others :

  • Periodic monitoring and continuously on the quality / quantity of waste water.

  • Perform processing and operation of WWTP continuously.

  • Continuously controlling the operational activities and the quality / quantity of WWTP processing results.

  • Tenant wastewater management reporting

  • Prevent pollution and / or environmental damage by monitoring land and area drainage from unprocessed wastes and discharges that do not meet quality standards (especially from discharge from Sewage Treatment Plant Domestic Tenants).