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Along with its development, PT KIKC is also engaged in the procurement of goods and domestic trade. Through trading and procurement of goods including vehicle rental, electricity supply to several tenants, demin water and clean water, which is managed by an affiliated company of PT KIKC.

PT KIKC strives to increase the value of the company with the support of experience and professional workforce along with modern digitalization which makes it easier for the company's business to do business in addition to trading and optimizing the use of its resources to produce something of high quality and strong competitive edge.

In addition, PT KIKC also conducts general trade, both export and import as well as various distribution patterns, has a great opportunity to play a greater role in the international trade scene. PT KIKC as one of the companies has a dual duty, namely that in addition to continuously increasing the value of the company, it must also be able to play a maximum role in building community welfare.

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