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PT Kawasan Industri Kujang Cikampek (KIKC) is a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Kujang located in Cikampek. KIKC manages the Industrial Park area of ​​110 hectares.

Environmental conditions in industrial areas kujang cikampek is ideal for work and shelter because the air is clean and the surrounding environment is still natural with green trees. Local Temperatures range from 23 C to a maximum of 35 C. Relative humidity is about 73% to 94%, while the main wind direction is from North to South. This area is located in zone 3 based on the classification of Indonesia earthquake zone.

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KIKC leases land from 2 hectares to over 2 hectares, with lease period of 5 - 30 years and can be extended.

* Land Size Size
   The minimum land plot is 10 hectares, and there is also a larger field.

* Land Condition
   Flat and ready to build. The altitude between 0.5 - 2.0 m rises from the road level.

* Building Rules
   The main building rules are determined by the West Java provincial government.

* Type of Occupation Company
   Occupational Companies from chemical and manufacturing sectors originating from Japan, South Korea, India and Indonesia.