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Business GESITS distributors ~blog/2023/3/1/motor gesits
Business GESITS distributors ~blog/2023/3/1/motor gesits
PT KIKC keeps up with the times as a BUMN subsidiary and is an integral part of national development. It is also required to be able to provide competitive services, maintain quality that refers to international standards, so that it becomes a strong and reliable company and fosters trust in the framework of achieving the mission that has been set. proclaimed in accordance with established policy lines.

To support this, PT KIKC has been appointed as a distributor of Gesits electric motorbikes for the Karawang area, especially for the procurement of Gesits electric motorbikes within the Pupuk Indonesia Group. For information, the Gesits electric motor uses electricity with a 5KW motor power, can be used to drive around 50-100 KM, and has a maximum speed of approximately 70 km/hour.

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