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Business Technical Engineering jasa teknik
Business Technical Engineering jasa teknik
PT KIKC is also a provider of civil and non-civilian services which is an integral part of national development and is also required to be able to provide competitive services, maintain quality that refers to international standards, so that it becomes a strong and reliable company and fosters trust in the framework of achieving a mission that is has been declared in accordance with the established policy lines.

Providing customer satisfaction with quality work results, competitive prices and completion of work on time, as outlined in the implementation of a consistent management system. PT KIKC is determined to improve the quality of work and work results on an ongoing basis and strives to meet customer expectations and satisfaction by establishing, implementing, maintaining and making continuous improvements to the management system, implementing work and environmental protection regulations and creating a safe, healthy workplace. and risk free of accidents.

The main types of technical services from PT. KIKC is a construction sector, which consists of :
1. Architecture
2. Civil
3. Non-Civil
4. Mechanical
5. Electrical
6. Environmental Management