Industrial Estate of Kujang Cikampek

PT Industrial Estate of Kujang Cikampek (KIKC) is a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Kujang located in the area owned by PT Pupuk Kujang in Cikampek. PT KIKC manages an industrial estate of about 110 hectares. Experienced in managing Industrial area since 1990.
Occupation Company PT Indo Raya Kimia
Occupation Company PT Megayaku Kemasan Perdana
Occupation Company NICHIAS Corporation was established in 1896 as a pioneer in the field of thermal insulation materials The company quickly established itself as a leader in this sector by developing outstanding technology and production engineering capabilities Over a century NICHIAS is constantly experiencing challenges to develop new products and innovations supported by Thermal Insulation and Protection technology in various industry sectors
Occupation Company PT Clariant Kujang Catalyst
Occupation Company PT Multi Nitrotama Kimia
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