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​The development of industry in Indonesia triggered the demand of industrial land in large quantities. The development of industrial estates aims to control land use, promote environmentally sound industrial development and accelerate industrial growth, enhance industry competitiveness and investment, and provide certainty in infrastructure planning and development. To support these objectives, the issuance of Law No. 3 of 2014 on Industry encourages producers to build factories within available industrial areas.

Currently, Indonesia's industrial parks focus on integrated logistics planning and service-oriented support. Local governments that also act as managers of industrial estates, expand opportunities to develop urban facilities services (housing accommodation, restaurants, recreation parks, clinics / hospitals, schools, and training centers). Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2015 has increased demand for industrial zones that are not only commodity-based but also economic competencies.

In May 2015, members of the Indonesian Industrial Zone Association (HKI) consisted of 70 industrial estates occupying an area of ​​45,807.73 hectares in 13 Provinces of Indonesia. There are 8,517 manufacturing facilities for companies from Japan, Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Australia, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. The facility supports a wide range of industries such as electronics, automotive, food and beverage, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, footwear, and wood processing.

In order to support the government's program in attracting local and foreign investors Kujang Industrial Estate Cikampek was established for the development of industrial estate.

Since 1990 PT KIKC successfully built a green and environmentally friendly industrial park with an area of ​​110 hectares equipped with infrastructure and other supporting facilities and well-planned regional arrangements. Located in the industrial estate of PT Pupuk Kujang Cikampek, West Java The location of KIKC becomes strategic because:

1. Located on a triangle of roads to Jakarta, Bandung, and Cirebon

2. Located right around the interchange of Jakarta-Cikampek Toll, Jakarta-Bandung Toll, Cikampek toll - Palimanan.

3. Located about 70 Km from Jakarta and 60 km from Bandung

4. Availability of adequate labor and close enough to the center of excellence such as Bandung Institute of Technology and Padjadjaran University.

5. Beautiful and green environment makes a healthy location to work and work and live in this environment.

KIKC is inhabited by both local and foreign companies of various chemical industries. In addition to providing a well-structured infrastructure, kujang cikampek industrial area also provides one-stop integrated services to assist investors in the business establishment process in Indonesia. This service includes the process of submitting permits to the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

The quality of infrastructure that is collaborated with the best supporting facilities and wide open green areas and planned area arrangements is the goal of KIKC to make it one of the best industrial zones in eastern Jakarta.