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PT KIKC also as a provider of construction and procurement services is an integral part of national development is also required to be able to provide competitive services, maintain the quality that refers to international standards, to become a solid and reliable company and foster trust in the framework of achieving the mission that has been proclaimed in accordance with the established policy line.
Providing customer satisfaction with quality work, competitive pricing and timely completion of work, as outlined in the consistent application of management systems.

PT KIKC is committed to improving the quality of work and work continuously and strives to meet customer expectations and satisfaction by establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the management system, implementing workplace and environmental safeguards and creating a safe, healthy workplace and risk-free accidents.

The main types of Construction Services of PT. KIKC is a construction field, consisting of;
1. Aristorial
2. Civil
3. Mechanical
4. Electrical
5. Environmental Management