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Planning Pictures

 Planning Pictures peren
 Planning Pictures peren
[b] Land Available [/ b]
Land available in Industrial Area Kujang Cikampek area of ​​110 Ha.

[b] Land Used in Use [/ b]
Land that has been used by tenants in Industrial Area Kujang Cikampek area of ​​50 Ha.

[b] Land Ready On Rent [/ b]
Land ready for lease to new tenant in Kujang Industrial Estate Cikampek Seluas 36 Ha.

[b] Green Open Space [/ b]
Green Open Space to be included for the 24 ha road.

Various companies both from Indonesia and abroad have entrusted KIKC as a region for their business and business. Now, about 21 companies have been located in Kujang Cikampek industrial area, starting from the first to the third phase project.

Some of the multinational companies that have been operating include:

1. PT Nichias Rockwool Indonesia
2. PT Sintas Kurama Perdana
3. PT Clariant Kujang Catalyst
4. PT Peroksida Indonesia Pratama
5. PT Megayaku Prime Packaging
6. PT Multi Nitrotama Kimia
7. PT Graha Cemerlang Paper Utama
8. PT Radi Logam Indonesia
9. PT Humpuss Karbometil Cellulose Indonesia
10. PT Telkomsel
11. PT Indosat, Tbk
12. Office of PT KIKC
13. PT Ihi Gasification Indonesia
14. PT Adhimix Precat Indonesia
15. PT Indo Raya Kimia
16. PT selim Textile
17. PT Eutteum Global
18. PT Kujang Tirta Sarana
19. PT Kujang Tatar Persada
20. PT Perusahaan Gas Negara
21. PT Tata Jabar Sejahtera